Roman government
Two consuls who are chosen each year consuls – administrators or military leaders had power of veto like big brother or say no to the acts of others .
They had to have unison for law to be passed
They were part of the roman government . Every single citizens belonged to an assembly . Those citizens would basically start a war of they would do the opposite and make peace terms to abide to . They were pretty much like the peace keepers in ‘’The Hunger Games’’ accept they don’t carry guns .

Next importance- senators had 300 men who were chosen for life . They handled the problems of daily life of government or advised consuls also discussed ways to deal with other countries (enemies ). Approved public contracts
Judges , assemblies , and tribunes or government officials had to protect the rights of the Plebeians . They were part of the government . All citizens belong to assemblies and they created terms to abide to. The elections of tribunes and law recordings were the first step to having a democratic government .
12 tablets
Until 450bc their laws were not written. That year they made 12 bronze tablets . They were commonly about court actions ,wills ,and other things such as properties . This 12 tablets became the base for every future roman law . They were passed in a place called the Forum .


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