Roman Life Discovery Lesson
Daily you will chose one of the four topics below to explore. You will need to explore each topic, but the order in which you visit each one is entirely up to you. For each topic you will visit the site given and write the assigned diary entry to be turned in the next day. Diary entries can be typed or hand written.

Option One Roman Baths: Visit the site below and explore what a Roman Bath looked like and the role it played in the Ancient world. After clicking through the different numbers to take a virtual stroll through a Roman Bath visit the game site to put your knowledge to the test. When you are ready to write you diary entry use what you leaned about the baths to write a detailed description of a typical day at the baths. This description should include at least three specific areas, their names, and what was done in each one.
Roman Baths website
Roman Bath game

Option Two: Gladiator Games: Visit the site below and explore what is must have been like to be a fearless gladiator in Ancient Roman times. This first site will explain the different type of gladiators, their different style of dress and different weapon choices. Be sure to click on the different numbered armor/clothing to see what that particular warrior used and why for each type of gladiator. Also make sure you read the “On the Job” link as well. When you have read about all the various types of gladiators visit the second site to test you knowledge in the Gladiator challenge. When you are ready to write your diary entry write as if you have been chosen to be a gladiator. In your entry make sure you explain how/why you became a gladiator, what training was like, and what type of gladiator you were as well as what your armor and weapons were.

Option Three: Roman Medicine Visit the following site to learn about Roman Medicine. When you are finished go to the second website to test your CSI abilities to investigate a death in Rome. When you are finished write a diary entry about the case and what you discovered about this poor mans death.

Option Four: Roman Architecture : Visit the following site to learn about Roman architecture and technology. Then visit the second site to learn what an aqueduct was and challenge yourself to build one correctly. For this diary entry write about what engineering feats the Romans managed and what the importance of the aqueduct was to the Romans.