>>>In Rome their were about 1 million people who lived in Rome. they suffered the same things cities do today like little housing, air pollution, crime in the street, cost of living was to high, many of them could not find jobs, and had to pay taxes on everything. Rich people lived in a house called a domus it had marble walls, stone floor, and windows made of panes of glass and they also had a furnace that heated to rooms and a pipe brought water in. the other Romans were not rich they lived in a apartment called an island that were six stories high and took up a whole block.

>>>The family
The roman families were important. The fathers ran the house his word was the law of that house hold family. He also arranged marriages of his daughter to improve social and position of his daughter. Until 12 both boys and girls went to school if the sons family is poor the son would go to work with his father the daughter would be getting ready for a marriage her father is planning. if the sons family is rich he would continue his education on reading, grammer, writing, misic geometry, commercial arithmetic, and shorthand. When 15 they entered a school called a rhetoric called speech and writing and went to schools at Athens or Alexandria for philosophy or medicine.