Roman religious beliefs – roman gods and goddesses formed two groups some looked after their home and other had (state religion) that’s where they celebrated at public ceremonies
Worship at home- the Romans believed their homes were controlled by groups of Numina (known as house hold spirits) there is a group called penates, which protected goods and property
Growth of religion- the Romans encountered a lot more people who believed in many gods the Roman adopted them and then as the empire expanded the deities increased
Temples and Ceremonies- the deities had temple built just for them the Romans layout was adopted by Etruscans
Sacrifices- there were many sacrifices and they were sacrificed on an altar and they were animals
The telling of the future for Romans-the Romans believed in the supernatural so much they had a lot of ways they have by telling the future and learning the will of all the Romans gods and goddesses they had
The alternatives to state religion- there were tons of Romans who lost a lot of faith in the state religion they had
Roman god and goddesses- Epona which was a Celtic goddess to all horses, Mithras offered life after death, Cybele was a very important foreign goddess and she was brought to the Romans by an Asian minor in 204BC, and there is one more and her name is Isis and she was brought to Roman by an Egyptian Queen named Cleopatra because she spent 45BC in Rome.

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