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Southwest Indian tribes were located in what is present day Arizona, New Mexico, and southern parts of Utah and Colorado. Some of the more recognizable tribes were the Apache, Cocopa, Guarijio, Hopi, Navajo, Opata, and Pueblo. They would hunt mammoths before they were extinct. When they became extinct they started farming. Farmers had to collect the rain for the dry season. The main crop that they grew was maize (corn), they grew at least 24 different types of corn. They also grew beans, squash, pumpkins, and fruit. For meat they would hunt wild turkeys.
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Southwest Indians didn’t wear as much clothing as other Indian tribes did due to the warm weather. They had long hair for protection from the sun and usually wore moccasins. Some of the tribes grew cotton and made clothes for the colder times. Some tribes made blankets out of the cotton that they grew. Then when the colder times came they would wear them as a clothing.
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The Southwest Indians believed in kachinas which were spirits from ancestors who returned with the clouds and the rain. They also believed that the spirits once lived among them, but they got offended and left. Wood was used to make kachina dolls, masks, and costumes that they used for ceremonies.
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Southwest indian clothing
Southwest Indian Home

The southwest Indians lived in the area that is what now Arizona, New Mexico, sand the southern parts of Utah and Colorado. Thunderstorms drenched the desert. There were different groups, one group did some farming, and the other group hunted and followed animals. For the people that farmed they had to save water from the rain for the next dry times. The Hopis and Zunis had stable towns. They made large houses out of adobe, or sundried brick. They used these to protect themselves.
Source: America History of our Nation Book

Tribes: Apache, Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo, and the Zuni
Food: Their food was mammoth, buffalo and learned to grow food such as maize, and corn.
Art: Made things for cooking, storage, bathing, and religious ceremonies.